I think that the task of writing the “About” page is one of the toughest for most new web/blog site authors, it certainly is for me, because I don’t do much of anything the way anyone else does it. My greatest hope is that those who visit this site enjoy the content and receive some practical benefit from it. I write about things that interest me, and I am not trying to be “all things to all people”. There will be those who drop in, look around, leave and never return, and that is fine with me because even though it may not have been their “cup of tea”, they might pass its existence on to someone they know who will just love it.
Having lived way more years than I ever imagined that I might, I have enjoyed a lot of different experiences in my working and professional life, and the amount of useful knowledge that rubbed off on me, during that time, is nothing short of amazing to me. If you have ever made a list of your skills, talents and abilities, you will understand what I mean. I like being around things mechanical, and if they fly, float or roll…I’m in. In the automotive field, for example, I have worked in sales, management and service as well as professional consulting in the areas of buyers agency and expert witness/consulting in automotive fraud, lemon law and undisclosed wreck damage cases. My experience with motorcycles began in the 1950’s and continues today in the form of vintage/classic bikes. I rode competitively in the 70’s in the amateur ranks of the sport including off-road endurance, ¼ mile drags and just a taste of road racing. Most recently, in the pursuit of whatever “retirement” turns out to be, I have become intimately acquainted with the RV Industry. I gained my credentials as a certified RV Inspector/service tech last year, and we are preparing to travel full-time in a class A diesel pusher motorhome. We have logged five trips so far this year with two more awaiting and covered nearly 7000 miles in the process. I plan to use this vast store of knowledge and experience to provide something of interest and value to all our virtual guests.
As we travel, I write about the places we go and the things we do, with emphasis on things “motorcycle” that I come across. I enjoy blending human interest with a bit of politics with the recreational, technical and riding experience along the way. Future plans are in the making, but I hope to include some web-based services relative to my areas of interest mentioned above, so check back often and see what is “NEW”.
I close my posts with my “Nom De Plume” of Mel Raymond.
Ride On!
Mel Raymond

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