2015-08-01 11.01.53Freedom and Hope Foundation
Terry Cotney: Executive Director
Scubeco@bellsouth.net / 803-271-1861

I placed the Freedom and Hope Foundation’s ID and contact information as the title for this post because I want to be sure every visitor to ridingmybucketlist.com has the opportunity to get to know about a truly remarkable organization and the person who gave it life and meaning. I sincerely hope that at some point in your life you are privileged, as was I, to meet Mr. Terry Cotney, the Executive Director of Freedom and Hope Foundation. Terry is a man of faith whose main focus is leaving the lives of Wounded Warriors and Children with Life-Threatening Diseases better than when he found them, and his genuine passion for his mission comes through loud and clear.
I met Mr. Cotney while touring the Little Mtn. Reunion Car Show, which was held on the elementary school campus near downtown Little Mtn., SC. A close mutual friend, who also lives in the area, introduced me to Terry and filled me in on his involvement with the Freedom and Hope Foundation. I learned that the organization had been incorporated into a 501 C-3 Charity in 2010 and uses 100% of all funds and donations to benefit the recipients of the services provided by the FAHF. All of the administration and implementation of services is done by dedicated folks who give freely of their own time and money to enhance the lives of Children with Life Threatening Diseases and Wounded Warriors. Very few charitable organizations, regardless of their missions, can make that statement.
You can see the immense appreciation in Terry’s eyes as he speaks about the many good people who have pitched in, over the years, to help bring a really beautiful thing to life. As Terry and I were talking, I suddenly caught sight of three beautiful young ladies posing for pictures in full WWII military regalia. For a moment, it was as if we had been thrust into a “time warp”, and dropped into a USO show from the 1940’s, and as if the visual impact wasn’t enough, they began to sing! It sounded like the Andrews Sisters were harmonizing on some of the old patriotic songs from “back in the day”. Terry was beaming like a Proud Poppa and he gave me a nudge and asked “how do you like my girls”? It turns out that “Terry’s Girls” are members of a unique group known as “The Pin-Up Dolls”. To quote the first few lines of their mission statement, “Pin-Ups for Heroes was created to attract interest in and raise donations for America’s Veterans and Active Duty Soldiers, and the organizations that assist them hands-on, as well as Law Enforcement and other First Responders, with bright smiles, voices and spirits of patriotic pin-up girls”. To view their entire mission statement and learn more about “Dixie Scarlett”, “Bombshell Betty”, and “Rebel Rosie”, visit their web-site http://www.pinupsforheroes.com. What a great group of girls on a wonderful and worthwhile mission. When I heard them sing, I was blessed to be hearing the “Voices of Angels”!
Obviously, there are many worthy charitable organizations vying for your attention and money, but I encourage you to give the Freedom and Hope Foundation a serious look. They are definitely way up on my list. Also, if your organization fits the mold of “The Pin-Up Dolls”, give them a shout. They may very well be able to give you a hand at your next fundraising event.

Ride On!
Mel Raymond

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