750 pictures (58)20131124_132139Even though it is natural to enjoy reflections on our past, I believe most people are mainly focused on their futures. But somehow, once you pass a certain point in life and realize that the years ahead are likely far fewer than those behind, one’s focus inherently becomes much more tightly aimed at the future. I’m not certain that I know exactly when I crossed that chasm in my life, but it was not so long ago. For some maybe it is an epiphany of sorts, or a event that is so momentous as to be forever etched in memory. I’m a busy guy, and things often get past me without me fully realizing what just happened. J have decided that, for better or for worse, even though I am very gray and long in tooth I am going to use my gifts, skills and talents to at least try to help with some of our nations problems as I amble through what remains of my days. I know that may sound a bit like a line you would expect to hear in a speech made by a “starry-eyed” college graduate out to save the world. Maybe if we scratch around down deep, maybe we all have some of that still lurking about. I’m not talking about the youthfully exuberant quest for Utopia. No, I am talking about not letting our duties as a citizen stop when we step out of the voting booth filled with self satisfaction in believing that we have just “Done Our Part”.

But, have we really done our part? Have we really done all we could to help keep our government on the “straight and narrow”, worked to maintain a robust and growing economy, and assist in maintaining the moral fibre of our free society? Even though I have done more than most, I can assure you that I have not done all that I can. So, I am going to do a little more and I am going to challenge all who may care to follow along to do a little more, as well.

So. what has all this to do with “Riding My Bucket List”? My friends, if our nation falls into tyrannical hands, and we lose our free and just way of life by which we have become so spoiled and complacent, nothing else will matter. All our hopes and dreams will vanish in an instant. Your rights to ownership of personal freedom and property will go away. Your dreams and goals will mean nothing. Gone like a puff of steam in the wind.

I like our country. If you like, let’s see what we can do to hold on to it.

Mel Raymond

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